Toyota 8″ V6 & High Pinion Solid Spacer (Crush Sleeve Eliminator

Product Code: TG1400601K

If you've got a Toyota 8″ axle, as found under 4 Runners and mini trucks, with large tires and crawler gears, into which you are installing V6 style third members, then consider upgrading them with a solid spacer. This part eliminates the crush sleeve, which is prone to collapsing under heavy loads. When it collapses, the gears and bearings are subject to excessive wear and tear, and usually fail in a short period of time.

If you're looking to do a gear change, that's the perfect time to install a spacer. You'll have a strong, reliable setup that won't fail on the trail.

Kit includes a machined tubular spacer and an assortment of shims. Spacers are sold individually.

This part is for use on V6 and high pinion gear sets.



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